All the elements are there - the right offer, the right customer base, the right timing, and the right technology - but without properly trained people it all breaks down. Let's face it, personnel are the heart and core of any successful campaign and every call center. That's why at GlobalCom Solutions, we don't take training lightly.
Not only is initial training completed before the campaign begins, but ongoing training is also critical.

  Regular site visits are an on going process and GlobalCom Solutions is there to handle the responsibility. Our work does not end once the project comes up in a center.
We take the time to understand your business and your project and we travel to the centers and train the personnel in a one on one environment. This has earned GlobalCom Solutions a world-renowned reputation for quality and client satisfaction.

We believe there is no such thing as "too much training"

Quality control measures are utilized to be sure that the training is adhered to and if not, re-training is called for. We follow defined guidelines so that no part of the training process is left to chance:
Client Overview
Program Overview
Product Information
Script Review
Role Playing
  On-Line Script Training
Re-training if necessary
Feedback Sessions

We believe there is no such thing as "too much training" and therefore we adhere to a rigorous reporting and tracking system to ensure that each and every TSR is fully capable of handling every aspect of the campaign that they deal with.