Specialty Services

The following are brief descriptions of projects, affiliations, add-ons, etc. that you may find useful in utilizing for your campaign. Please contact your project coordinator for additional details on any of these items:

Projects, affiliations, add-ons...
26,000 + Payment Locations - Comprised primarily of check cashing centers that attract the sub-prime and the "un-banked" consumer. These centers are accustomed to processing payments for utility and telco organizations. Use for payment processing and an extension of the sales process by offering convenient location for payment, installments and collection.

ACH, Credit, Debit & ATM Processing - GCS, through various associations can successfully provide the marketer and call center with these services. From taking payment via a consumers checking account to processing credit card transactions either by telephone or the internet, this is a strong solution for those needs

Banking, Checking, Debit & ATM Cards - GCS, in affiliation with a key business bank whom GCS carries an exclusive arrangement, marketers are now able to provide consumers with Checking, Savings, and Debit accounts where they may have been denied theses simple services in the past due to credit profiles or lack of citizenship in the United States.

Verification Services - GCS through close association with various organizations offers a multitude of Verification services. Either live, pre recorded or just a simple recording option, GCS can provide these services at a rate not easily found by most marketers. Storage as well as data fulfillment is also available.

Co-Branded Benefits Program - GCS, in direct affiliation with Membrus.com, can offer a comprehensive benefit program as a stand-alone or add on product to varied offers. The benefits, offering discounts and exclusive buying opportunities to its members far exceed what MemberWorks or Cendent can provide. The range of these benefits include discounts on 40,000+ products and services to its members. In retail this program is a $149.00 value, it can be co-branded and offers strong back end residual commission

Predictive Dialing/ Call Center Development - GCS in alliance with TrueDial Inc. can offer dialing solutions via a comprehensive dialing system. This system can be purchased by the boutique or large call center and offers significant flexibility to the operator and supervisor. The backbone for the system is primarily Internet driven and offers flexibility to the center operator. Costs for this system is significantly less than many stand alone dialers. The key to this system is that in association with GCS, the software customers also have the option of accepting business from their software provider. Via the internet, a participating center may elect to participate in hourly or performance projects that are available. Through TrueDial and GCS calling campaigns are available to off set down time, add additional revenue or be a primary source of business for the boutique or large calling center.

$.019 - $.040 Cents per Minute Dedicated Long Distance - Through a strong affiliation with Telesis, one of the nations leading long distance solution providers, GCS/Telesis can provide long distance services with major carriers as low as1.9 cents per minute. These programs are available as a result of volume-negotiated rates and are only available to the call center industry. Regardless of size or volume, these discounted rates can make a serious reduction in your hourly call and production costs.

Call Center Recruiting, Hiring and Placement
- Through affiliation with one of the nations most successful placement firms, GCS can offer some of the nations top candidates in call center management, IT, MIS and Business development. This association has yielded success for many centers in the past as well as place qualified individuals in emerging centers.

Call Center Management, Sales and Customer Service Training - Via many years of experience and affiliation, GCS has emerged as a strong and viable resource for Sales, Customer Service and Call Center Management training. With International potential, GCS and it's affiliates can successfully train new centers for new markets as well as restructure existing or troubled centers. GCS strives to make each center a beacon in the call center industry and can offer detailed training modules to insure strong and effective skills.

Direct Mail/ Ride Along Mail & Statement Stuffers - GCS has developed associations with many affiliated companies that offer direct mail services, some of the most desirable is the sub prime or derogatory credit market. Mailing more than 1,000,000 pieces monthly, this mail is directed to the sub prime market and offers ride along opportunity for the right products and revenue share. In addition, GCS has strong ties to many large statement companies that can offer statement stuffers generating inbound opportunities or mail response. If it is a stand-alone piece, regardless the detail, GCS can provide a mail and letter shop capable of more than 2,000,000 pieces per day at pricing not found in general arenas.

On Line Database Management - GCS, in association with TAP Inc. can offer online database management. A new concept, TAP offers a marketing or call center entity the option of keeping their database on line. With the growth of technology, now the marketer can have multiple centers load and retrieve data online. By a simple web address and password protection, the marketer or call center can offer real-time results, updates and management from the internet. The TAP system, developed by marketers is a key in accessing and managing large programs with limited resources.

List Services/Database Management/ Lead Generation - GCS, through its many affiliations has multiple resources for leads and new lists for numerous campaigns. GCS manages several Databases for many different sorts of campaigns, with agreements to market many of these lists, GCS has become a leading provider for Database mining and lead development. Whether you in need of leads or you have a database and wish for it to provide additional cash flow, GCS can profitably assist.